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Join the Golden Age of Kettlebells

Joe Pavel, founder of Pavel Fitness, LLC, believes that much as bodybuilding had its golden age back in the fifties and sixties, the kettlebell golden age is happening right now. Don’t be left behind, become part of the kettlebell phenomenon. Joe employs an honest, fun, tough-love approach with all of his clients and believes that through the power of positive thinking and visioning, together, we can achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, your right either way.”

I’m constantly researching: Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Science, Motivation, Psychology and always inventing new combinations of exercises.

Lifelong Weight Training

Joe has been training with weights since he was 12, when he bought his first combination barbell; dumbbell set. Following the exercises recommended by 1959 Mr. Universe Bruce Randall, Joe’s strength and muscularity soon took off. When the movie “Pumping Iron” came out, it only added fuel to the fire. What kid didn’t want to be like Arnold?

Outstanding Results

Fast forward to 2002; enter the Evil Russian, Pavel Tsatsouline and his first book “Power to the People.” In it he recommended just 2 exercises for 2 sets each, done 5 days a week. This was totally against the “once a week” split routines in vogue at the time. But, the results were outstanding! Curiosity was peaked. Through further research Joe found out about Mr. Tsatsouline and the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. In February 2004 Joe ordered a classic set of kettle bells, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge DVD and book. He commenced “taming the iron.” In June 2004, Joe became Russian Kettlebell Certified in a grueling 3-day challenge.

Kettlebells for Warriors

In an effort to learn more advanced techniques for use with warriors in the military, police, firefighting, martial arts, grappling and tactical communities, Joe has completed the 1st ever “Level 2” Kettlebells for Combat Applications. I’ve also been through the RKC Personal Training Specialist Challenge in June 2006.

Joe’s Credentials

Benefit from Joe’s long history of training, certifications and experience to his training.

    • May 2013- Kettlebell Institute Level II trainer certified in Stillwater, MN.
    • April 2013- Kettlebell Institute Level I trainer certified in Stillwater, MN.       
    • July 16-18 2010- Completed Essentials of Elite Performance in Minneapolis, MN.
    • June 6th 2010- Completed S-Phase in Phoenix, AZ.
    • November 2009- Repeated I-Phase to learn more Integration protocols.
    • October 2009- Flew to Phoenix, AZ for T-Phase certification. AWESOME!!!
    • September 2009- Repeated R-Phase certification to rediscover injury Rehabilitation, neural Re-education and mobility Restoration
    •   RKC Assistant Instructor- Team Horton. April 17th- 19th, 2009. Used my knowledge of Z-Health to design and implement a Snatch Test specific warm-up so that everyone in our group passed the test with flying colors!
    •  RKC Assistant Instructor- Team Horton. April 17th- 19th, 2009. Used my knowledge of Z-Health to design and implement a Snatch Test specific warm-up so that everyone in our group passed the test with flying colors!
    • August 24th, 2008 completed Z-Health I-Phase certification.
    • June 1st, 2008 certified as a Z-Health R-Phase Instructor.
    • RKC Assistant instructor-Team Holder. June 8th – 10th, 2007.
    • Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 Tactical Strength Challenge- 1st Place, Minnesota- Men’s Elite Division- Deadlift-425 pounds; Pull-ups-10 with 23 pounds attached to the waist; Snatch- 77 reps with a 32kg kettlebell.
    • Friday, November 10th, 2006… Brought group kettlebells classes to DOC’S Gym. Doc’s is an Olympic Judo and B.J.J. training center in N. Minneapolis.
    • Featured in The September 12th, 2006 Star Tribune article For Whom the Bell Swings
    • Featured on Kare 11- Perk at Play. Perk “meets” the Beast.
    • RKC- Assistant Instructor- Team Cotter. We also had a record 240 people lifting kettlebells simultaneously on Sunday because of the media coverage in the Star Tribune and on Kare 11 TV… September 2006
    • Appointed Merit Badge Fitness counselor for the local Boy Scout Troop…September 2006
    • RKC Level II-Personal Training Specialist…June 2006
    • Tuesday, April 18th, 2006…1st to bring kettlebell classes to the St. Paul Police Department.
    • RKC Level II-Kettlebells for Combat Applications… June 2005
    • RKC- Certified instructor…June 2004 to groups and individuals
    • ACE-American Council on Exercise…Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist.
    • NDEITA-National Fitness Professional Training Association…Certified Personal Trainer.
    • Community Education…Boot Camp Express Instructor.
    • Cub Scout Leader… Promoting Exercise for Life Program.
    • US Army…Member of the 1989 Tug- o- War Championship Team, Fort Davis, Panama .
    • US Army…Achieved Perfect 300 score in his 1988 Physical Fitness Test.
    • Sometime around the Summer of 1977- Saw the movie “Pumping Iron” on PBS. Immediately started lifting weights.

My Training Philosophy:
Simple. Brief. Frequent. 


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