Simple & Sinister

I recently did a Google search of and saw Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Simple & Sinister program highlights.
If you don’t know who Pavel is, he’s the evil Russian responsible for the resurgence of the kettlebell.
If you don’t know what a kettlebell is, then you must be living in the 50’s, Comrade.
A kettlebell is a round weight with a flat bottom and a handle across the top. It looks like a tea kettle.
Kettlebells were invented in Russia to weigh sacks of grain on a scale. Supposedly.
Now, this simple & sinister program involves just two “kettlebell” exercises done two to six days per week.
The first exercise is one handed kettlebell swings. These are done for 10 reps with one hand followed by 10 reps with the other hand. You would do five sets of these.
The one handed kettlebell swing is the Holy Grail of kettlebell exercises.
Basically you swing the kettlebell back and forth between your legs. At first you swing it back like you’re hiking a football. Then you use your legs and hips to swing it forward and upward to chest height.
It’s the same arc as when you’re on a swing except that your hands are the seat and your arms are the chains. The power comes from the legs and hips. It does take some time to master this seemimgly simple exercise. It works your legs, hips, abs, back, shoulders and arms, mainly the gripping muscles. Not so much for the chest and triceps.
5 sets of 20 reps is the protocol. Use whatever size kettlebell you can handle.
The next exercise is the dreaded Turkish Get Up. The bane of many kettlebell classes. The TGU (Turkish Get Up) is Thee greatest exercise known to man. Proper execution of this exercise will make you a Supreme human being capable of any athletic Gold medal performance.
To perform the TGU you start by lying on your back with a kettlebell held aloft in one hand. You then stand up with the weight still held aloft. It’ll end up above your shoulder, overhead. Then you reverse directions and find your way back down to the floor with the kettlebell still held up above your chest with your arm straight. Not so simple and definitely not so easy.
The program calls for 10 Total reps.
You would do five on the right and five on the left in an alternating fashion. Right, left or left, right. Use whatever size kettlebell you can handle.
That’s the whole workout. Five sets of 10 swings left and right for 100 reps followed by 10 reps of the beloved TGU right and left.
This is to be done a least two days per week on up to six days per week. It’s a good program full of many benefits. To learn how to do these two exercises most effectively contact me, Joe Pavel 651-246-7180. Don’t delay, call today.