How to Dominate the Beach this Summer

How to Dominate the Beach this Summer

Push ups: Do good ones, elbows in (look it up on YouTube  for proper technique. Quality before quantity. Pick a number of good quality push ups to do each day or every other day and build from there.

Sprints: Yes, sprinting. Not jogging. Take a good look at the people who jog. Soft and miserable. Now take a look at sprinters. Muscular and fast. Don’t go all out to begin  with. Quality over quantity. Do short 10 to 40 yard sprints using good technique. Arms going forward and backward, not side to side. That’s a waste of energy. Pick a good number of sprints to do before you start and do them. Only run at 50 to 60 percent for the first few sessions. For proper technique, refer to YouTube.

Bicycle crunches for the abs: Lay on your back on a soft surface. Put your hands behind your head, knees up. Now bring your elbow towards the opposite knee and try to touch it. Roll back down to the starting position and crunch to the other side. Again, refer to YouTube for proper technique. Pick a number of reps to shoot for and build up.

Back: Exercise band rows. Get a set or two of exercise bands with the handles from your favorite store that sells them. Your going to have to hook the middle under something sturdy or around something that will not move. Sit on the floor and pull the handles back, like you’re rowing a boat. Look up Arnold Schwarzenegger doing low pulley rows on YouTube for the best technique. Sets and reps are up to you. Set a goal and build up from there.

That’s a full body workout program that will build muscles and burn body fat better than jogging.

Contact me with any questions or how to modify this program,